Kitchen Cops: Mexican restaurant low performer again

Kitchen Cops: Mexican restaurant low performer again

(WAFF) - China Star in Madison scored an 81 during their last inspection. The inspector says some cooked chicken was not cooled the right way, putting it in the food danger zone, which allows bacteria to grow. The inspector reports China Star did not keep a log to record the time and temperature benchmarks needed to prevent that from happening.

El Charrito in Florence is a back-to-back Kitchen Cops Low Performer. after scoring an 84 during their re-inspection. The Mexican restaurant scored an 80 for their previous inspection. This time, the Lauderdale County Health Department reports refried beans in a cooler were 15 degrees above the maximum temperature allowed for cold-holding food.

The Pulaski Corner Store in Huntsville is this week's lowest scoring Kitchen Cops Low Performer with a 78. The inspector reports potato salad and cole slaw were 19 degrees above the temperature required for cold-holding food, hot dogs in a cooler were 13 degrees above the required temperature, and chicken was too warm by 12 degrees. The inspector also reports hot-holding food violations, with chicken wings 18 degrees below the temperature needed to prevent bacterial growth and gravy 20 degrees off the mark.

The Wheeler Dam Market in Rogersville scored an 83. The inspector found a personal drink on a prep cooler.

Cajun's Seafood in Sheffield needed at least an 85 to get off of the low performers list and off of the Colbert County Health Department's re-inspection schedule. They scored an 88, four points better than their previous inspection.

There are nine Kitchen Cops High Performers this week. The Rocket Dogs food truck out of Huntsville is the only one to score a perfect 100

Trojan House in Muscle Shoals is one of four high performers that earned a 99. The others are Lick Skillet in Hazel Green, Mahogany's Hut in Toney. and Ted's BBQ in Huntsville 99.

World of Wings at the University of Alabama-Huntsville scored a 98, as did Sushi Avenue in Huntsville, the Circle K/Kangaroo Express on Cox Creek Parkway in Florence, and Turbo Coffee in Florence 98.

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