Mom writes open letter to Party City over 'Sexy Cop' costume

Mom writes open letter to Party City over 'Sexy Cop' costume

(WAFF) - One mom was outraged at Party City's costumes for little girls versus those for little boys.

After looking at the Party City website for female costumes for her three-year-old daughter, she wrote an open letter to Party City and posted it on Facebook.

"As you can see, the classic costumes for boys include 53 assorted options, ranging from traditional vampire attire to a 'rascal pirate' to 16 costumes relating to possible occupations," wrote Lin Kramer. "Meanwhile, the classic costumes for girls include 45 options, ranging from a 'vampire queen' to a 'precious pirate' to three costumes relating to possible occupations. (It is worth noting that I have generously included in this number the 'cheerleader' as a possible occupation, despite it being well known that even NFL cheerleaders are not paid well enough for this to be their only source of income, as well as the 'cowgirl,' although, unlike the 'cowboy,' she is clearly not appropriately dressed to be employed on any sort of working ranch). To be clear, that means 30% of the costumes you market to boys are based on occupations, while just under 7% of the costumes you market to girls are based on occupations."

Kramer focused her concerned letter on the cop costume for both girls and boys.

"Generally speaking, real life uniformed female police officers do not wear short skirts and low cut shirts, but instead wear exactly the same slacks and shirts as their male counterparts," she said.

She said young girls are not hoping to grow up to become a "sexy cop."

"In a world where Ronda Rousey and Danica Patrick are excelling, there are certainly girls who would be interested in that toddler boys' Everlast Boxer Costume or that Turbo Racer Muscle Costume," Kramer continued. "Perhaps you recently read about Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver, the first female graduates of Ranger School; knowing that these women were once little girls, doesn't it seem like maybe there are girls out there today who would have some interest in the Combat Soldier Costume or the Flight Suit Costume?"

She goes on to encourage Party City to open their view of the world and redesign their marketing scheme for children's costumes.

Kramer's post sparked a conversation on Facebook and many users shared her post to show their support and weigh in on the controversy.

You can Kramer's letter and the comments here on her Facebook page.

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