Burger King whops out "black burger" for Halloween

Burger King whops out "black burger" for Halloween

(WAFF) - Halloweentime calls for all things spooky, scary, and dark... including burger buns.

Burger King is whopping out its limited-time only black-bunned Whopper. According to Burger King, it's the A-1 sauce baked into the bun that makes it black.

They announced their festive, flavored bun on Twitter on Sunday night.

The video they posted on Twitter shows lightning, a lunar eclipse, and the burger in place of the moon.

According to CNN, Burger King has already been selling colored burgers in Japan. The red "samurai burger" was offered in July and August in Japan.

CNN said Burger King is promoting the new black burger with #HalloweenWhopper and #SuperEclipse."

The new burger is 710 calories, 43g of fat, and has 1530mg of sodium. You can see all of the nutritional information here.

You can also have a fall, festive shake on the side, like a pumpkin spice Oreo shake.

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