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2016 Veterans Day Parade Rules, Information and Guidelines



1. Safety is everyone business.

  • Do not throw candy
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the group ahead of you
  • Obey all Parade Marshals (with Yellow reflective jackets). They are there to help you.
  • Obey all Police Officers, they are there to help you

2. Please look at the Parade Line-up and the assembly areas assigned to you in the Parade Assembly areas. All entries must “check-in” with the Parade Marshals at the entry of “Lot K” (across from the Clinton Ave. Post Office) between 9:00 and 10:30 am on Parade Day (Friday, Nov. 11). 

3. Enter the city from the west on Clinton Drive. Go straight on Clinton past the intersection of Clinton and Heart of Huntsville.  You will turn Left (north) into “Lot K”

4. Buses for Bands ONLY will be parked on “Holmes Ave” facing West, Parade Marshal will assist you.

Looking for the parade line-up? Click here! 

Float Guidelines

1.  Floats will be in good taste and reflective of the patriotic spirit of your organization and/or your support of Veterans.

2.  Participants will not drag cans, boots, etc., behind their float.

3.  Participants should not use the Parade solely as an advertising venue. We want to know who you are and that you are patriotic and support Veterans on Veterans Day. For instance, a furniture company who just runs their moving truck in the Parade is inappropriate. Use some bunting, flags, and some imagination!

4. Organizations working the Parade (media) and organizations inherently patriotic (police, fire, military, scouts, bands, etc.) do not require additional decoration.

5. Ensure your organization is identified on the RIGHT SIDE of your display if you want to be identified by the media (TV broadcast).

6. All entrants must be signed up on the WAFF website (www.waff.com) no later than November 4. Entrants after that time will not be given any special preference.

7. If you do not sign up on the WAFF website, you will be placed in the back of the line. Please sign up properly!

Parade Marshalls

1. All participants, without regard to their status in the Parade, will take direction from the Huntsville Police Department, the Madison County Sheriff and his deputies, any and all uniformed Law Enforcement Officials, and the Parade Marshals (US Army Warrant Officers Association).

2. For the sake of safety and the flow of the Parade, Parade Marshalls (wearing yellow “US Army Warrant Officer” vest) will work to ensure an adequate, but not extreme, gap is created between any two displays.

3. Participants may not independently stop along the Parade Route to perform without permission of the Parade Planning Committee. This causes a huge gap between displays; it detracts from the flow of the Parade; and, it interrupts media coverage of the event. If this happens the Parade Marshall will direct the parade to flow around you and you will be placed at the rear of the Parade.

•  The actual statute says: [Bands, floats, marching units, vehicles, animals, other units and/or other participants shall not on their own initiative stop along the route or take any action that will slow the orderly progress of the parade unless deemed necessary to do so by an emergency or as orally directed by a duly authorized officer of the Huntsville Police Department for cause.]

Parade Lineup

1. Please get in line where the Parade Marshalls tell you to go.

2. Parade Marshalls will line up displays according to a list generated by the Parade Planning Committee prior.

3. Parade line-up is not first-come, first served! Many factors affect positioning. Some of these factors include:

a. The Honor/Color Guard is placed up front.

b. The military units, police, and fire departments are dispersed throughout the Parade in case they are needed.

c. Bands are not placed next to military units so the military units can keep a marching cadence.

d. Small children’s organizations (Brownies, Cub Scouts) are not placed behind Large Military Vehicles.

4. Anyone who believes they have a special status of any type needs to identify themselves to the Veterans Day Parade Planning Committee no later than November 4. It is very possible you will not be accommodated on the day of the Parade.  E-mail max.bennett@gd-ms.com

Special Criteria

•  Service members and veterans who have a military medal with Valor device are asked to identify themselves and sit in the VIP seating at the podium if they are not in the Parade.  Contact max.bennett@gd-ms.com

•  Elected Officials and Flag Officers (Generals and Admirals) are asked to identify themselves to the front podium before the ceremony begins or contact max.bennett@gd-ms.com prior to the Parade

Safety and cleanliness conditions

1. Each participating element MUST provide water, food, snacks, etc., to members of their own organization.

2. Participants will never throw objects (flags, candy, give-aways) from their Float (Police-enforced).  Participants may provide give-aways only if they are given hand-to-hand. Adult Float Participants must take their give-aways out to the edge of the crowd and give items away hand-to-hand. Drivers of Floats will never participate in hand-to-hand give-aways.

• The actual statute says: [No person shall distribute, throw, toss or hand out any item from a vehicle, float or any platform or conveyance attached to or powered by a vehicle, human or animal. Items may be distributed hand to hand along the parade route to persons standing on the sidewalk, or other closed off areas, by persons on foot who are accompanying units in the parade.]

•  Any person who is driving, operating or in control of a vehicle, float or any platform or conveyance attached to or powered by a vehicle, human or animal shall be in complete control of the vehicle, float, platform or conveyance and all occupants at all times. Further, they shall avoid all activities and/or distractions that would render him or her incapable of maintaining such control. This shall include, but not be limited to, the use of cell phones, television sets or other video monitors, video and/or audio recording devices, drinking, eating, etc. Failure to strictly adhere to these conditions shall result in the driver or operator and/or vehicle or conveyance being removed from the event.

3. Walkers must be able to easily and comfortably complete a two-mile walk to be a ‘walker’ in the Parade.

4. The elderly, handicapped, or those otherwise unable to sustain the Parade walking pace are encouraged to ride on one of the 100+ Parade Vehicles.

5. Provisions must be made to clean up all waste, in all forms, from any animal deposited on the roadway, right-of-way and assembly or disband areas. Sufficient personnel shall be provided to ensure that this is done immediately upon deposit. Failure to provide sufficient personnel will result in the animal(s) and rider/owner being removed from the parade lineup or route.

6. All persons operating or riding on a vehicle that requires that specific safety equipment be used during its operation; such as helmets, shoes, etc., must obey all applicable state laws and municipal ordinances in regard to the use of these items. All motor vehicle laws are strictly enforced along the parade route and in the assembly and disband areas. Any person violating these laws or ordinances will be removed from the parade or assembly and disband areas.

7. These actions are all designed to promote a safe, orderly and clean event for bystanders, spectators, participants, the general public and public employees involved in or working the event. Persons or units engaging in these actions will be subject to removal from the parade.

8. A duly authorized officer of the Huntsville Police Department may terminate or temporarily suspend this event for cause when existing or imminent conditions pose an immediate danger to the safety, health or life of bystanders, spectators, participants, the general public and/or public employees involved in or working the event. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, extreme weather conditions (any condition or event that does, or may, pose a threat to the safety or life of any person or damage to property), manmade or natural disasters, lack of sufficient personnel to maintain normal Police or other emergency functions or conduct the event in a safe manner; unruly bystanders, spectators, or participants involved in, in the area of or on the route of the event, etc. This decision will be made after consultation with the event sponsor(s), if time and conditions permit. All persons will be asked to leave the area and seek shelter if threatening weather conditions exist that deems it necessary to suspend or terminate the event. If the event is suspended it will resume, if possible, as soon as the threatening conditions clear and it is safe to do so.

9. The roadways, appurtenances, parking lots, sidewalks, parks, etc. under the control of the City of Huntsville must be returned to the condition that they were in prior to this event as per municipal ordinance and/or state law. All trash, garbage, litter, refuse, etc. will be picked up and removed from the event area prior to the termination of the event.

10. All applicable federal, state or municipal laws, statutes, ordinances or rules and regulations that now exist or hereafter adopted or amended must be adhered to in the conduct of this event.

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