WATCH WAFF: SNAP benefits could be in jeopardy for millions; Shoals 'DreamVision' plan in question

WATCH WAFF: SNAP benefits could be in jeopardy for millions; Shoals 'DreamVision' plan in question

(WAFF) - SNAP benefits could soon be cut off

A pending government shutdown could suspend food stamp payments to millions of Americans across the country. The Department of Agriculture says it will cut off benefits in October if Congress doesn't pass legislation to keep government agencies open. The USDA sent a letter to states asking them to hold off on distributing benefits at the month's beginning.

Huntsville, Decatur city schools to hold information meetings

If your child attends a Huntsville City School, expect changes in the way the district handles student behavior. The 32-page long Huntsville City Schools Code of Conduct handbook covers everything from students discipline policies to guidelines for technology infractions. At the beginning of this school year, some important changes were made and tonight you can learn more about them. At 8 a.m., Decatur City Schools Superintendent Ed Nichols will answer questions from business and community leaders highlighting the partnership between education and quality of life at their annual State of the Schools meeting.

Is the Shoals 'DreamVision' plan dead?

Plans to bring a multi-billion dollar theme park to the Shoals area may be vanishing. Nearly 8 months ago the DreamVision Company announced their plans to bring in thousands of jobs with their music theme park, but nothing has been heard from them since February. During repeated attempts to visit the DreamVision Company's website, a notification that the site has expired appeared. You may remember DreamVision also promised to build a similar theme park in Texas.After reaching out to our sister stations in the Forth Worth area, they too have not heard a word from DreamVision officials..

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