Lawmakers hope vanity boat license plates will save AL parks

Lawmakers hope vanity boat license plates will save AL parks

(WAFF) - Lawmakers have a new plan to help fund state parks - vanity license plates for boats.

Currently, the state's budget crisis is threatening to shut down several state parks.

If enough people volunteer to buy into the plan, lawmakers say it could raise enough money to keep the state parks open.

Longtime boater Jack Isom is somewhat open to that idea.

"I know Alabama is hurting for money," Isom said. "I'm not the kinda guy who really loves to think about paying more for anything but if it was a reasonable amount of money."

Lawmakers say the vanity license plates would cost an extra $50 and will have many different logos and iconography, including Alabama and Auburn, Breast Cancer Awareness and "Forever Wild."

Of that $50, 30 would go towards the organization on the plate and 20 would go to state parks.

"We anticipate this fund would grow year after year," said District 104 Representative Margie Wilcox.

This is a way Alabamians could try and save the state parks, something many people say they want to do.

"The most calls we had were about the state parks," Wilcox said. "And as families, Alabama families, we all enjoy our state parks."

Isom says he could get behind the license plates - but has one concern.

"I think a license plate on a boat would be ugly," Isom said. "So they'd have to have some taste about the thing. Somebody has to pay the bills for this state so it wouldn't be a big deal for me."
The plan will need to be passed in the next regular session before it goes into effect.

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