Promo Party: Sing a song of 48

Promo Party: Your King of People/Heart of the Valley
(Source: WAFF archives)
(Source: WAFF archives)

(WAFF) - As we dig around in the WAFF archives, we come across promotional advertisements we've made over the years.

Many are called "topicals," about a specific story or category of news coverage. We'll compile some of those and share them with you in future installments.

Others are more lighthearted in tone and show viewers the sights and sounds of the community we serve - complete with a song!

Such is the case with these two promos we have for you here. One is from the early 1980s and is called "Your Kind of People." The original version of this song was destroyed days before its intended debut in the 1982 studio fire. It was re-recorded soon afterward and used for several years.

The second promo we'd like to share with you is from a mid-90s campaign called "Heart of the Valley" - a slogan that has been part of our station ever since. In this, you'll see aerial shots of various locations in the Tennessee Valley, and maybe one or two familiar faces! This version is one of a handful that were made to air throughout the broadcast day.

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