Tonight at 10: Animal cruelty investigation in Madison; Huntsville police looking for a car involved in a hit and run with a bus and prescription prices likely to go up

. - An animal cruelty investigation is underway in Madison. Six starving and sick dogs were found in the middle of the woods .Madison Animal Control officers were actually trying to capture a stray dog when they stumbled upon the dogs.. some locked in cages. Tonight, they are looking for the person who abandoned the animals.

Huntsville Police want to find the person who hit a city school bus and took off. It happened this afternoon near the intersection of Johnson Road and Baywood Drive. Some children were on the bus at the time.. but no one was injured. We'll have details on the accident.
The amount you pay for your prescription is likely to go up. This after Governor Bentley signed the new budget today. That budget calls for certainly taxes to increase including how much pharmacies are charged  for  prescriptions. Tonight we break it down and tell you how much of that increase will be passed along to you.
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