AL ranks high among 'redhead-friendly' states

AL ranks high among 'redhead-friendly' states

(WAFF) - Do you prefer Ginger over Mary-Ann?

Do you identify closer with Beaker over Fozzie or Kermit?

Does Conan's move to TBS, oh so many years ago, still leave you with a sense of loss?

It seems that most of us here in Alabama will treat a ginger/carrot top/redhead with more deference and respect than others, according to real estate search company Estately.

They put out a list ranking each state in the country according to "redhead-friendliness." Alabama comes in at number 11 on the list.

The website used the following criteria:

  • Fewest number of clear, sunny days on average (Got to keep our freckled friends safe from ultraviolet rays).
  • Percentage of Facebook users with interest in pro-redhead sites, issues, holidays, celebrations, etc.
  • Percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in these 26 famous American redheads:  Thomas Jefferson, Bonnie Raitt, Axl Rose, Carol Burnett, Chuck Norris, Emma Stone, Conan O’Brien, Jenny Lewis, Louis C.K., Julianne Moore, Malcolm X, Kathy Griffin, Mario Batali, Sylvia Plath, Mark Twain, Shirley MacLaine, Blake Griffin, Lucille Ball, Beaker (the Muppet), Christina Hendricks, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jessica Chastain, Dwight Eisenhower, and Susan Sarandon.
  • Local businesses with “redhead” or “redheaded” in name per 10,000 residents.
  • Highest amount of redhead representation in Congress per constituents
  • Preference for Ginger over Mary Ann—Google searches for Tina Louise (actress who played Ginger on Gilligan’s Island) compared to searches for Dawn Wells (actress who played Mary Ann)

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