WATCH WAFF: Day 2 of testimony to begin in Jackson Co. murder trial

WATCH WAFF: Day 2 of testimony to begin in Jackson Co. murder trial

(WAFF) - Day 2 of Barry Whitton trial to begin

Accused murderer Barry Whitton returned to the Jackson County Courthouse on Monday, despite threats that he might try to harm the judge. Former DeKalb County investigator Carl James testified Michelle Whitton's vehicle was found near Henegar after the murder. He said he spent the night at the crime scene preserving the area as he found it. A forensic chemist took the stand and said 14 fibers were found along a trail leading to Michelle's body. Along with the body were various items including a pink sweatshirt, pants, a pair of sandals, and a blue towel. Testimony will resume Tuesday as Whitton's trial enters day 2.

Lawrence Co. residents split on proposed bill

One bill making its way through the special session would raise sales tax in parts of Lawrence County. The proposed tax would bring in about a million dollars. It would benefit the county government, schools and fire departments. This proposal would raise sale tax in Lawrence County to nine cents. Some resident are willing to give up those two pennies, but others say they don't have two pennies to give.

Victims identified in Marshall Co. shooting deaths

Investigators were still on the scene Monday after a husband and wife were found dead in their home. The sheriff's department identified that victims as 68-year-old Denie Tucker and 64-year-old Pam Tucker, both of Albertville. The bodies were discovered Friday evening at the Tucker Farm in the Asbury community. The sheriff's department is not calling this a murder investigation yet.

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