Gas tax bill moving forward in special session

Gas tax bill moving forward in special session

(WAFF) - More taxes could be on the way to all Alabamians, and one in particular could hit you at the gas pump.

State Representative Matt McCutcheon introduced a bill that would raise the gas tax by five cents.

"We expect it to generate $160 million on the first initial five cent.  The money would be appropriated back into the road and bridge fund, which would go back to our local governments," he said.

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While some democrats are against an increase, Tom Ryan, Chairman of the Madison County Democrats says it's time for an increase.

"The gas tax is needed. It hasn't been raised in more than 20 years," said Ryan.

But, he says other taxes being floated around in Montgomery are bad for working class and poor Alabamians. For instance, an  increase in car taxes, a nursing home tax and a tax on prescription drugs.

"We shouldn't even be taxing needed medication, lifesaving medication should not be taxed. Food should not be taxed," said Ryan.

He believes there's a way to raise money for the state without dipping into the pockets of the working and middle class.

"Back in January in Governor Bentley's state of the state address, he mentioned 56 percent of Fortune 500 companies who do business in the state of Alabama paid absolutely nothing in state income taxes last year," Ryan said.

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