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NASA astronauts makes year-long mission on International Space Station

(Source: AP Graphics) (Source: AP Graphics)

Tuesday will mark the halfway point for NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly and his Russian counterpart for their-year-long mission on the International Space Station.

The two astronauts are on an extended mission designed for scientists to better understand the effects of longer spaceflights on the human body.

On Monday, Kelly told panelists during a live event in Washington how the mission could affect his body.

"As far as physically, I feel good. We have some pretty good exercise equipment up there, but there are a lot of effects of this environment that we can't see or feel, like bone loss, effects on our vision, effects on our genetics, our DNA, and proteins, things like that. And that's why we're studying this," said Scott Kelly, NASA Astronaut.  

Scientists will compare data between Kelly and his identical twin brother, retired Astronaut Mark Kelly to examine the effects of microgravity.

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