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Hazel Green playground: Accessible for all?


There is something special being planned for a Hazel Green park.  

Jennifer Stocum, Hazel Green Community Playground Board President says, "Right now we are still in the fund raising.  It's been about a year, that we've been doing it.  We've raised over 13 thousand dollars.  And we are just trying to push to that 50 thousand dollar goal to get it built."

The area may be a soccer field now but they are hopeful they can turn it into an all access playground, making it accessible to special needs children.

Stocum says the project will be in three phases and phase two is where most of the handicap accessible features will be saying "With the wheelchair ramps and the turf that allows them to roll on it, we're hoping to get to that quickly."

She says the idea is to make sure no child is left out.   

"That it is 100 percent accessible to every child, whether they have disabilities, or can't get around like the other children, that they are able to play on just like everybody else and not just have to sit on the sidelines and watch." says Stocum.

Stocum admits she watched from the sidelines as a child with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy she spent years in physical therapy, speech therapy, wore braces on her legs. She always wanted to take dance class and was just never physically able to do it.

She says she was always supported by her loving, military family saying, "I didn't realize how bad it was until I got older." My inspiration was the Brown Springs, anyone can play, playground.  And thats where we would go and where we still go until we get this playground.  And just seeing that everybody was able to enjoy it and nobody was left out.  I was like we need that in Hazel Green."

The fund raising quest continues in Bobby's Bama. 

For more information on the playground click here.

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