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Madison County Nature Trail big hangout for Grissom kids

(Source: WAFF Staff) (Source: WAFF Staff)

Take a leisurely visit to the Madison County Nature Trail and you are likely to see families enjoying the day. You can visit the chapel and enjoy nature.  

You'll find hikers, fishing folks, and others who just want to relish the scenery. Bobby Cobb is the park manager.  "What I hear, yea, this is the hot spot for them to hang out, you know."

The "hot spot" Cobb is talking about isn't just for nature lovers.   

The water, the fresh air, even the sunlight can be very tempting to a high school student, prompting some to even pick up a fishing pole and skip school, according to Cobb. 

"Yea, they would skip school you know and come to the nature trail and kind of just have a blast you know," said Bobby Cobb, Park Manager.

He says it's been that way for just about 30 years. "Well today you know, you can see them coming. You can tell they are skipping school you know a lot of them are going to want to come in and fish."

He says it's a common enough occurrence. "Two young men, you know they'll come driving up and you can tell they're fresh out of school, they skip school to go fishing," said Cobb.

Some Grissom grads who graduated long ago say this was their "inspiration point", where teens use to go parking.

Cobb says they eventually put up a gate which is now locked. "You'll catch one every now and then at the gate."

But now and then, they walk inside the gate. "We caught a few, you know, doing stuff they wasn't suppose to do there, in the back part, a lovers lane you know," said Cobb. 

"Normally they see us before we see them and they get out of here you know," said Cobb.

A hang out for teens who were fishing for sport and fishing for love in Bobby's Bama. 

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