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Woman fights for refund after Sears online shopping experience

Sherry Kirklen said her online order arrived late, damaged, and incomplete. (Source: WAFF) Sherry Kirklen said her online order arrived late, damaged, and incomplete. (Source: WAFF)

It's the way most of us do our shopping these days - online.
Your order is shipped, and most times you're pleased, but what if you want to return it? Shouldn't it be just as easy as buying it?

Not for one Ardmore woman, who says she been getting the runaround until we got involved.

After this experience, Sherry Kirklen may never shop online again.

"I just want to get my money back; I have none of the items and they still refuse to answer my call and give me my money back," said Kirklen.

Like many times before, back in January she went to Sears.com, when she was in the market for a brand new dining table, couch and love seat.
"I've always bought from Sears and I've not had a problem," added Kirklen.
But in this case, it took months for them to be delivered, and when they finally showed up, more problems. 

"They did not deliver my tabletop. They delivered the pedestals, but not the tabletop," said Kirklen.
The love seat also had a rip in the leather, and the arms of couch continued to fall off.
"So we called and called and called, and they said they didn't have it and I would have to return it," said Kirklen.
Sounds easy, but after several months, countless phone calls and nearly 20 emails back and forth to Sears.com, she still can't seem to get the return of the $1,166 she's owed.
Her last email to the company said, "I have exhausted myself trying to get my refund. I am notifying the news media about this problem."
So we called, and realized the problem rested with a third party manufacturer.
Sears.com not only sells Sears products, but it also serves as a marketplace for other vendors, which Kirklen happened to buy the furniture from.
"The third party company never took my call. I was never able to get in touch with them, Sears tried and they weren't able to get in touch with them. Sears has a third party selling for them, they (Sears) should stand behind it because I didn't know," said Kirklen.
It took a few days for Sears to track down the purchase and return Kirklen's money - but why did it take us getting involved?
A Sears spokesperson told us it was just a miscommunication between the parties.
It's a good rule of thumb to know the company's return policy, especially if they are selling items from a third party vendor.
Inspect your items before the delivery crew leaves your home and take pictures of any damage right out of the package for your records.

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