Hackleburg High School reopens 4 years after tornado

Hackleburg High School reopens 4 years after tornado

HACKLEBURG, AL (WAFF) - Four years of attending class in portable buildings have come to an end for students in Marion County.

Congressmen Gary Palmer and Robert Aderholt were in attendance Sunday for the dedication of the brand-new Hackleburg High School.

An EF-5 tornado destroyed the school during the outbreak of April 27, 2011.

It was an experience many, like Marion County Superintendent Ryan Hollingsworth, hope to never encounter again.

"I came up that night with a small flashlight, but couldn't really see the devastation until I got back the next day," said Hollingsworth. "It was just lots of questions and everybody searching for answers."

Hackleburg is in Congressman Aderholt's district, but Palmer is a native of the area.

In addition to portable classrooms, students have attended classes in nearby churches while work on the new school building was completed.

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