Krystal proposes peace treaty with Burger King

Krystal proposes peace treaty with Burger King

(WAFF) - After Burger King asked McDonald's to join forces and create a McWhopper, Krystal decided they wanted in on the action.

Krystal posted their "#SteamyProposal" for Burger King on Instagram. They said they wanted to "drop all the beef" for the United Nations' International Day of Peace in September.

The names they mentioned for their collaboration creation include the "Kropper," the "Whystal," or the "Tiny King."

On Wednesday, Burger King made a similar proposal when they called for a truce with McDonald's for the Day of Peace.

The McDonald's CEO said he thinks the two companies can do "something bigger to make a difference."

According to AP, he also added, "P.S. A simple phone call will do next time."

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