Psychologist points shooter's actions on need for attention

Psychologist points shooter's actions on need for attention

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The world's eyes were turned on a local television station in Virginia on Wednesday, as a news reporter and her photographer were slain while they were on the air.

Alison Parker and Adam Ward were shot, as was their interview subject, by a former colleague. Parker and Ward died of their injuries; the gunman later, by his own hand.

Huntsville psychologist Dr. Frankie Preston said the gunman's focus was on getting attention.

"You know, doing it on live television, there's no question about any mysteries," said Preston.

Despite possible motives or intentions, these acts of violence are hard to predict.

"Because predicting behavior of any kind is near impossible," said Preston. "The only real way that I think something of this nature of could have
been prevented is to have recognized that he was disgruntled," said Preston.

Then make sure that dispute is addressed… so there is closure.

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