UNA defense rules Tuesday Practice

UNA defense rules Tuesday Practice

The University of North Alabama's defense dominated play Tuesday as the Lions  turned their attention to Miles College and their Sept. 6 season-opener at Legion Field in Birmingham.

"The defense was very active and did a great job, especially on long yardage and blitz plays," said UNA head coach Bobby Wallace. "We have a lot of speed on defense, no doubt about it. We are still learning the personality of the team but we will utilize that speed in what we do defensively."

Wallace said the team seems to alternate days where the offense will dominate one and the defense the next, but he feels the Lions continue to make strides on both sides of the ball.

UNA began preparation for Miles on Monday but information on its opponent is sparse.

"We're very limited in what we know about what they will be doing offensively since they have a new coordinator," Wallace said. "We have a general idea of what they'll do defensively. The defensive system they have used in the past, they do it very well and they have given us some fits."

Wallace said the bottom line is that the Lions don't know a lot about the Golden Bears but will continue to work to be sound on both sides of the ball when they take the field on Sept. 6.

UNA will go through mock-game situations on Wednesday afternoon at Braly Stadium, including pre-game warmups, substitutions, the kicking game and play-calling with coaches in the press box.