TONIGHT AT 10: Special elections in the valley; 2 arrested after Limestone County sheriff officials raided spa; Gun shots at Decatur Burger King

. - Three special elections had voters in the valley going to the polls today. From Sunday alcohol sales in two cities to a proposed property tax increase in another, The voters have spoken, and  the votes have been tallied. We'll tell you who will be selling alcohol 7 days a week and whether or not Athens residents approved a 12 mil tax increase at 10.
2 people were arrested after Limestone County sheriff officials raided a a local spa .  And this is not the first time they have raided the place.
Coming up at 10, Sheriff Blakely says the name may have changed but he says the workers are up to their same old tricks.

In Decatur a fight between two parents ,exchanging their child, in the parking lot of Burger King  turned violent. The mother opened fire, shooting the man's car . We'll tell you what happened at 10.

Join us for these stories and more tonight at 10.

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