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Agriculture, education go hand in hand in Franklin County


Football Fridays at high schools all over Alabama would not be the same if not for the local support of the communities. The same can be said in Russellville and the support of the Cattleman's Association.

What does cows have to do with educational support in Franklin County?  A lot according to Vice President of the the Franklin County Cattleman's Association, Orland Britnell. His group makes steak sandwiches and sells them 6 times a year and the money raised goes for a very special purpose.

"The proceeds from those sales fund scholarships. To date we have given away 137-thousand dollars in scholarships to the high schools throughout the county. We have six schools in the county that receive scholarships and they all receive scholarships." says Britnell.

The cattle industry is huge in this area and the association wants to make certain chilfren know the source of their food and how the industry works.

Britnell says, "We have a beef promotion month in October and we go to each first, second grade or whatever we're targeting that year, and read to them books in their grade level for them to have working knowledge of the cattle industry and we do that and we give beef to the schools."

The goals are lofty and the association is a big part of this community and it's people.

"We have the second largest membership in the state of Alabama.  Membership-wise. We have 591.  Limestone County's ahead of us.  Lauderdale countys right behind us." says Britnell.

A group which cares about the community and is constantly moving to make it better in Bobby's Bama.

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