TONIGHT AT 10: How well do you really know your children's teachers; an Albertville man arrested for child pornography and Alabama lawmakers head back for 2nd special session

. - Good Thursday evening.
Just last week, we told you about a now-former Huntsville elementary school teacher who was fired for verbally abusing her students. WAFF 48's Margo Gray digs deeper into that issue to come up with ways you as a parent can learn more about your child's teacher.
An Albertville man has been arrested for child pornography images found on his computer. Those images included infants and toddlers. WAFF 48's Vincent Crivelli will have more on the arrest of Rodney Shane Bolding.
And with Alabama lawmakers set to head back for a second special session of the legislature, WAFF 48's Tiani Jones spoke with State Representative Mike Ball about the divide between the governor and lawmakers.
Be sure and join us at 10.
Mark Thornhill