Who's behind school threats?

Who's behind school threats?

Hello, everyone! It's Trent Butler on a Thursday morning.

They're hoping for a calmer day in the classroom today at Athens High. Police are working to find out who's behind two major distractions during the past two days. Someone wrote a threat on a bathroom wall and called in a bomb threat to the school.

We'll also tell you why it might be awhile before you see a charter school in Huntsville. Here's a hint: It has everything to do with meeting a deadline.

This morning, we have some great video of a police officer who forgot about the surveillance camera at his favorite convenience store. Let's just say he's not afraid to bust a move! 

David Ernst will let us know when we might get a break from all the rain that's saturated the Tennessee Valley this week..

Grab some news while you grab your coffee. David, Margo Gray and I will see you on TV!