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Cab driver robbed of $4 at gunpoint

A gun was pointed at a taxi driver's head - all for four dollars. (Source: Crime Stoppers) A gun was pointed at a taxi driver's head - all for four dollars. (Source: Crime Stoppers)

You just never know when danger might be lurking, especially in the dark.

But one Huntsville cab driver knows it all too well after his life was threatened over a bag of money.

For such a frightening situation, that bag wound up containing barely enough for a cab fare.

Security cameras were rolling as a Huntsville cab driver was finishing his shift at the American Cab Company on Triana Boulevard June 27.

A man jumps out from behind a vehicle and points a rather large handgun at this guy's head.

The cab driver agreed to talk to us, but didn't want to give his name.

"At first I thought it was a joke," the driver said. "But then when I turned around to get a look at him, I realized it wasn't a joke. He pressed the gun to my head and said, 'Give me the money.'"

The cab driver was carrying a money bag.

When the gun was pointed to his head, he tossed the bag, trying to get this guy away from him.

The funny thing is, all that was in that bag was some change, about $4.

All this for such a small amount of money.

The cab driver says he's just glad he was able to think quickly enough to distract the gunman. He says he did have more of his personal money in his wallet.

"This guy's still out there walking the streets," he said.

If you know who the robber is, please help us take him off the streets.

And there's a reward of up to $1,000 with your name on it.

Make the anonymous phone call to 256-53-Crime, or send an anonymous text or e-mail.

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