Heidi Klum 'trumps Trump' on Twitter

Heidi Klum 'trumps Trump' on Twitter

(WAFF) - Trump said Heidi Klum is no longer a "10," and Heidi Klum let everyone know how much she doesn't care.

Klum "trumped Trump" with her new ad responding to his statement that she is no longer a "10."

The hashtag #HeidiTrumpsTrump has spread like wildfire on Twitter, as do most Trump-related trends.

CNN said Trump mentioned Klum in an interview with the New York Times, in which he was asked about his comments on women. "I find women to be amazing," he said.

According to CNN, Trump also said he sometimes goes a "little bit far." He then added, "Heidi Klum. Sadly, she's no longer a 10."

In Klum's video, someone wearing a Trump mask pulls a sign off her that has a 10 on it and strips it to a 9.99.

Klum says "#BeautyIsInTheEyeOfTheBeheld" and makes it clear that he Trump can't trample her confidence.

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