1979 - WAFF signs off for the night

48 Throwback: 1979 sign-off

Generation X'ers, prepare to have your minds blown.

Television stations used to go off the air at night. We're not just talking about running infomercials til the break of day - we mean fully, totally, 100 percent switched off.

For engineering enthusiasts, some would wait up til the wee hours of the night to watch the "sign off" montage.

In 1979, ours included shots of the control room at our former home base atop Monte Sano, with the announcer reading off a list of our technical capabilities.

For this throwback, we present that two-minute sign off. As a bonus, check out promos for NFL Football coverage and "Little House on the Prairie," as well as a religious epilogue, "A Seed from the Sower."

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