Aug. 2014 - Carl's got 'The Fever'

"What?" (Source: WAFF)
"What?" (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - If there's one time of year that gets everyone in the newsroom jazzed up, it's Friday Night Fever.

You can feel the excitement build in the halls, you can sense the excitement of Friday nights spent fielding calls with score tips, photographers running in with last-minute game-winning plays.

Plus, there's always food. Gotta love game-day food.

If there's anyone here at WAFF who has The Fever coursing through every fiber of his being, its Carl Prather.

Based on a true story*, we present last year's promotion for Friday Night Fever.

Remember - we can't do FNF without your help. Be sure to report scores to us - the best way is by Twitter-use hashtag #FNF48. You can also send gridiron pictures to us - send them to or upload directly from your 48 News Mobile App.

And don't forget to catch The Fever - Fridays at 10 on WAFF 48, and going into Overtime on!

*Carl gets so excited so frequently, we can't guarantee which particular event this promo is based upon.

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