Two weeks later, first responders still haunted by St. Clair Lane

This is one of the worst murders Madison County has seen in recent memory, and first responders are still reeling.

Firefighters, HEMSI and Madison County Sheriff Deputies are all receiving counseling after spending time on the scene. Investigators say Christopher Henderson and Rhonda Carlson killed five people, including three children. One of whom had not even been born yet.

"I've seen a lot of bad things over the years and this ranks right up there with the worst of the worst," Madison County District Attorney Robert Broussard said.

Two weeks later, first responders are still trying to come to terms with the horror they saw inside the house on St. Clair Lane. That's where Chaplin Jason Blay comes in. Blay works for the Madison County Sheriff's Department and provides counseling and emotional support for the deputies.

"They see a lot of difficult situations, they endure a lot of painful scenes," Blay said. "If they want to talk about things, if they want to share things with us on a confidential basis, they can do that."

Blay has been meeting with firefighters, HEMSI and the Deputies who worked the St. Clair Lane murders. Whether it be in group sessions or one on one, Blay is letting the responders know they don't have to carry their feelings alone.

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