WATCH WAFF: Man accused of killing Deshler coach to go before a judge today; Huntsville teacher fired for calling students 'stupid'

WATCH WAFF: Man accused of killing Deshler coach to go before a judge today; Huntsville teacher fired for calling students 'stupid'

(WAFF) - Jeremy Williams to have his day in court

The man accused of killing a high school coach and dumping his body in the Tennessee River will be in court for a hearing. Jeremy Williams is charged with capital murder in the death of Brioni "Bree" Rutland, a volunteer football coach at Deshler High School. Authorities say Williams stabbed and shot Rutland in November 2013 during a confrontation over a gambling debt. Williams' trial is set to start in September. Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty.

Huntsville teacher fired after calling students "stupid"

A Huntsville educator is out of a job after a unanimous decision Wednesday to fire her - but the process of getting her off the job was not easy. Huntsville City School superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski said a hearing over Eleanor Burks produced some shocking allegations. For instance, he says Burks was accused of telling students, "You're too stupid to read," and "Why do you need books? You can't read anyway." Burks has been in trouble before. She has 12 documented incidents on her file, and just last year she was suspended for helping a student cheat on a standardized test. Wardynski says they've already made changes to identify teachers that are having problems in the classroom. He believes Monday's ruling proves their focus is on developing great teachers to build great kids.

Shoals couple arrested after brutally beating man

Two people accused of brutally attacking and robbing an elderly Shoals man are behind bars in North Carolina after nearly a week on the run. Robyn McNatt and Shaun Settles were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon. Last Wednesday night, the 70-year-old Muscle Shoals man said he was sitting inside his home when the duo kicked in his front door and attacked him. "I was fighting for my life; I felt that they'd kill me," said the man. The victim later identified his attackers as Robyn McNatt and Shaun Settles - a couple he recently tried to help get on their feet and hired for part-time work. They pistol-whipped him, then used sheets, a cord from a vacuum, and a dog leash to tie his hands and legs. "They stole my truck and my money, my medication, credit cards, keys, everything I had," said the victim.

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