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WATCH WAFF: Gov. Bentley calls 1st special session a 'failure' after lawmakers unable to agree on budget

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1st special session a 'failure,' second special session on the horizon

The first special session of 2015 came to a close without a budget making it to the governor’s desk, meaning there will be a second special session. Alabama’s fiscal year starts on November 1, and lawmakers have until then to come up with an acceptable budget or face a possible state government shutdown. Governor Bentley described the special session as a failure and that lawmakers should be embarrassed that they were unable to pass a budget. Neither chamber was able to pass a budget, which saw any support in the other chamber. Gov. Bentley will get to decide when lawmakers will return for the next special session, but it is expected to be sometime in September.?

Jackson County man asking for youthful offender status

A Jackson County man charged with possessing child porn wants a judge to grant him youthful offender status. Matthew Westlake is asking the judge to grant him youthful offender status. If granted, that means he won't get more than three years in prison and the case is sealed. Westlake faces 27 counts of child porn. Investigators arrested him in June of last year for indecent exposure and contributing to the the delinquency of a minor. They say he sat at a pool in Woodville and exposed himself to minors. During that first arrest, deputies found evidence that led to his second arrest on the child porn charges. Investigators also went on to say he knew the victims in the images he had. Westlake is set to appear before a judge Wednesday afternoon.

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