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Good Thursday evening.
Right now, two people are charged in the deaths of 4 people in a deadly house fire in Madison County. But while Christopher Henderson and Rhonda Carlson are each charged with capital murder, there could be more charges coming. One of the victims was Kristen Henderson, who was 9 months pregnant. Court documents show that Kristen had filed a restraining order against Christopher. A law known as Kelley's law could come into play here. Kelly Johnston, a Madison County resident, had a restraining order issued against her estranged husband just weeks before he killed her in 2000. WAFF 48's Tiani Jones sat down with Kelley's father to get his opinion on how that law might very well apply in this case.
The proposal by Alabama lawmakers to shift money from the Education Trust Fund to help shore up the general fund continues to draw sharp criticism from many in the education community. WAFF 48's Vincent Crivelli spoke with a local superintendent and a student to get their take on how cuts to education would adversely affect the learning environment.
And, on this the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, we hear what it was like to actually be there. In her special assignment, Liz Hurley speaks with an 88-year old woman who now lives in Huntsville to get her first-hand memories of that day. Don't miss "From Hiroshima to Huntsville" tonight at 10.
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Mark Thornhill