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Changes to Blue Sheet requirements for students

A completed blue sheet is your child's hall pass to good health at school. (Source: WAFF) A completed blue sheet is your child's hall pass to good health at school. (Source: WAFF)

As children go back to school, there is one prerequisite all students must have - the "Blue Sheet," and there are some changes this year.  

Rhonda Gibbs is the Lead Nurse for Limestone County Schools.

"The school's 6th graders... need their T-dap, and it has to show up on the brand new cards that have T-dap, right here. Expiration date and everything to get into the 6th grade," she said. "Your 13,14, 15... 15 year olds had to have it and now they've moved it because of the pertussis... So now they have to have the TDap."

The thing parents need to remember is that their child will not be admitted to school unless they have an up to date blue sheet. 

"This is the only way they'll get their class schedule to start the 6th grade school year," Gibbs said.

There are a few exemptions.

"If it's medical, it will be on the back, where the doctor has to sign it. You still have religious [waivers] in the state of Alabama, and they can get that from the health department," she said.

What happens if your child is not immunized and there is an outbreak at school? 

"You'll have to go home because you're not immunized and you can't come back until the last child does not have a fever any more. So that's a lot of out-of-school time if you don't," Gibbs warned.

To get the cards, go to your local health department or pediatrician.  

Gibbs says even with the shots, there are some diseases they still see like chicken pox, but the severity isn't as bad as in the past.

Although the Meningitis and HPV vaccines are not required in Alabama, she still recommends them for the health of the student. 

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