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SeeClickFix: A road less traveled turns a corner

Cyclists deal with many obstacles - grooved pavement among them. (Source: WAFF) Cyclists deal with many obstacles - grooved pavement among them. (Source: WAFF)

Bicyclist have made leaps and bounds to get respect from motorist. Still, a few bumps in the road remain left to patch up.

Avid cyclist Lee Lacey has more than trucks on his tail. Now, scoring added to the two-foot shoulder of the road has turned into another potential hazard.

"I actually ran up on them and I didn't have time to get out of the way and ran over them," Lacey said. "I thought it was going to tear my bike to pieces. That's how bad it was."

Riding 25 miles four times a week, Lacey says his safety has become a liability due to the recent road work.

“If a big truck comes through, your only option is to hit where they graded it, you got a good chance of flipping. I mean, we can ride other roads. It's got such a beautiful view of the mountains and stuff here, and it's a really nice road to ride on," Lacey said.

Lacey is not alone. Many cyclists ride this stretch of highway, and he says there needs to be "Share the Road" signs on Highway 79 to give drivers a heads up.

Alabama Department of Transportation North Region Public Information Officer Seth Burkett says cyclist have rights on the road, just like motorist.

"We certainly would be willing to look at placing signs, maybe exploring some other options for ways to keep cyclists safe out there," Burkett said.

Burkett says the transportation department would have to verify the number of bikers who ride along HWY 79 before they could place "Share the Road" signs. 

Meanwhile, other bicyclists are encouraged to share their input on future road projects.

That’s the clearance Lacey wants to hear for a bike-friendly community.

The state of Alabama passed legislation to protect bikers on the roadways. Drivers will be required give 3-feet of cushion when passing a bicycle. Click here for a PDF document including more information.

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