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WATCH WAFF: Brett Russell trial enters 3rd day after eventful 2nd day

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Brett Russell trial: Day 3

Today is day three of testimony in a Huntsville police officer's excessive force trial. While on the stand yesterday, two witnesses admitted to lying to investigators with the department and the FBI about what happened during the arrest of Gary Wayne Hopkins in 2011. Video footage captured Hopkins kicking at officers and even breaking a patrol car window. The video then shows Russell hitting and kicking the man, who remains handcuffed. Hopkins was treated at Huntsville Hospital ER for three hours before being taken to jail.

Martha Roby interview

Alabama congresswoman Martha Roby is scheduled to speak with WAFF's Trent Butler about a bill she has introduced, called the Failing VA Medical Center Recovery Act. Congresswoman Roby hopes that the bill will hopefully change the way the VA handles business and internal issues. You can catch congresswoman Roby's interview at 6:10 a.m.

We hope you'll join us Margo Gray, Trent Butler and David Ernst for WAFF 48 News this morning. Remember, you can always watch online at or by tapping "Watch Newscasts" on your WAFF News mobile app.

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