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Low-income weatherization program now accepting applications

Community Action Partnership of North Alabama (Source: WAFF file) Community Action Partnership of North Alabama (Source: WAFF file)

Community Action Partnership of North Alabama is now accepting applications to weatherize your home.

With a new grant from Governor Robert Bentley's office, the program focuses on improving energy efficiency in homes for people on low income. 

Single father of two, Michael Kirby is thankful for the work done to his Decatur home. The new heating system, ventilation and duct work has made a difference with his monthly utility bills. 

Kirby shares how the home improvements has brought peace of mind for the place he calls home. 

"I do whatever I can to make sure we as a family are taken care of, so that's part of the reason I did this," Kirby said. "Sometimes you need some help, and so I asked for the help and we got it and I'm very glad that I did." 

"But, his overall bills are significantly lower than what they were," said Angela Warren, Community Action Partnership Energy Program Coordinator. "I have compared the bills this morning as a matter of fact for that span of two years and his electric part of it is significantly lower."

The wait list is based on priority points no matter when you submit your application. The Weather Assistance Program plans to do work on 22 homes by Spring 2016. Community Action Partnership of North Alabama weatherization program spans six counties including Cullman, Lawrence, Morgan, Marion, Winston, and Walker.

From Community Action Partnership of North Alabama:

To qualify for our Energy Program the household’s income must be at or below 200% of the current poverty guideline: 

           Family Size                            Threshold          Max Income

                  1                                      $11,770                  $23,540

                  2                                      $15,930                  $31,860             

                  3                                      $20,090                  $40,180

                  4                                      $24,250                  $48,500

                  5                                      $28,410                  $56,820

                  6                                      $32,570                  $65,140

                  7                                       $36,730                 $73,460

                 8                                        $40,890                 $80,180      


Each additional member add . . . . . . . . . $ 4,160                   $   8,320   

All qualifying applicants will be placed on the waiting list and will be notified by mail. Applicants are then assigned priority points according to the state regulated guidelines. All applicants on the waiting list are selected according to their priority points within the county in which they reside.

Please provide copies of the following information when you apply for weatherization or your application cannot be processed: 

Homeowner’s Photo I.D. – Alabama Driver’s License or Identification Card.

Social Security Cards - for all household members.

Proof of Income - for all household members for the previous twelve months. Documents accepted include: check stubs, award letters, railroad retirement, unemployment compensation, strike benefits from the union fund, worker’s compensation, veteran’s payment, training stipends, alimony, military allotments, private pensions, government employee pension (including military retirement pay), regular insurance or annuity payments, dividends, interest, rental income, royalties, periodic receipts from estates or trust, and gambling or lottery winnings. Self-Certification: After all other avenues 

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