AT 10: Kidnapping suspect captured in Greene Co.; 'Tomato man' accepts plea deal; Bentley's surprise session could cause havoc

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A kidnapping and fatal shooting suspect has been captured in Greene County. John Barry Hubbard  is accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and killing her sister on Tuesday. He was captured tonight at a hotel in Greene County. The ex- girlfriend Tammy Carpenter is ok. What led authorities to Hubbard - at 10.

The man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars will be spending the next several years in prison. James Lawhorne accepted a plea deal today and will spend the next 15 years in prison. But tonight, his victims wonder if they will ever see a dime of their money back.

Will a surprise special session called by Governor Bentley hurt taxpayers? Some legislators say it will. They say they were expecting the special session for August but not one for July. Why some politicians say the surprise session could actually backfire and cause more havoc - at 10.

And two thieves show they have no class when they break into and steal from a local school. How you can earn an A plus and a thousand dollars if you can help identify them - in tonight's Crime Stoppers.

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