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YOUR HEALTH: Elderly falls responsible for many deaths

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Amy Burks is 81 years old and is recovering after suffering a bad fall at her home in Decatur.

"I have a security system and they called and said they weren't getting a signal and they wanted to send someone out to see about it," said Burks. "And I said 'fine' and later that afternoon the doorbell rang and I was sitting at my computer and I got up to go to the door and let him in and as I came out of the door where the computer is in the hallway...for some reason I just went forward, fell forward on my right side and hip."

She says it was like moving in slow motion.

"I knew as I went down, I was going to break a hip," she said. "Well sure enough I did."

She says the technician took over from the other side of the door after her fall. 

"He called the paramedics," she said, "and they took me to Huntsville."

After five days in the hospital and 15 in a rehab hospital she is back home.   

"And I'm getting some home health people to get me to walk better," said Burks.

She's walking a lot on the walker and exercising her legs.

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are some steps you can take to make certain that your loved one doesn't become a statistic. Burks said a therapist took several steps while making her house safe.   

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"First they went around and took up all the throw rugs...first thing was," she said. "Then they got a chair for the shower. They put grab bars by the shower and by the commode."

The CDC also advises your elderly loved ones to exercise and focus on leg strength to improve balance. Also, ask the pharmacist to review their medicines to see if there are side effects like dizziness or drowsiness.

Amy says she feels more confident every day and wants to be better soon because she has some big plans. 

"A trip to New York in early August...Jo Lynn's going to be up there doing some teaching and I'm going to go up for the weekend when she finished and see some shows," said Burks.

She said she wants to keep an active lifestyle because she believes it helps with longevity.

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