Tributes grow at Chattanooga memorial site

Tributes grow at Chattanooga memorial site
The four Marines and one sailor were fatally shot outside a reserve center. (Source: WAFF)
The four Marines and one sailor were fatally shot outside a reserve center. (Source: WAFF)

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WAFF) - People from across the country are gathering in Chattanooga to show their support for a city still grieving a major loss.

A makeshift memorial continues to grow in tribute for the five people fatally shot at a Navy and Marine reserve center.

At some points Monday, there was a line of people waiting to walk through the tent to view the flowers, American flags and messages left in honor of the victims.

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The reasons people chose to view the memorial vary. Some said they wanted to bring their young children to see it. They said they want their kids to understand what happened to their city and the sacrifice the five military members made.

"I wanted to bring my son here today to show him what it means to stand up for what you believe in," said mother Tammy Hoge.

Others are in the military themselves, and are paying tribute to their fallen brothers.

John Porter came to show his son Dustin, who is a Marine serving overseas, the only way he could - on a mobile device.

Using FaceTime, Porter was able to show Dustin in real time what was going on at the memorial, offering the Marine a close-up look he otherwise would not have gotten.

"He doesn't have access to many TVs where he is, so I wanted to show him," said Porter. "It could have been him."

For Dustin, seeing the memorial was eye-opening.

"It's good to see so many people care," Dustin said via FaceTime.

Some who came by Monday stand ready to block a protest that was said to have been planned by the Westboro Baptist Church. Several people we spoke with said they were prepared to make a human chain to protect the memorial if the group arrived.

Those offering support Monday said that despite different backgrounds, everyone is here as one; Americans supporting Americans.

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