See, Click, Fix: Clearing poison ivy on Todd Mill Road

See, Click, Fix: Clearing poison ivy on Todd Mill Road

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A viewer picture of a pile of poison ivy is enough to make anyone itchy, just looking at it. That ivy is covering a tree next to the sidewalk on Todd Mill Road in Huntsville.

Someone posted that on our See, Click, Fix site, asking for help to remove it. Huntsville's Green Team jumped on it, giving the property owners a two-week notice to clear it or they would. We checked it out, and someone cleared it.

The Green Team sees plenty of topics like this one in Huntsville. So, if you see a problem like this, post it on See, Click, Fix.

The same applies to potholes. It's summertime, but there are still a bunch of them out there. Someone reported a pothole that was more of a long crack in the asphalt on Torino Drive in Huntsville. A Huntsville Public Works crews went out and filled it. On average, they fill about 100 of them a day across the city.

And we got another report of traffic cycling problems. This time it's Oakwood Avenue and the traffic light cycling east of Memorial Parkway.

The person commenting on our See, Click, Fix site said the lights aren't set tight to allow breaks for cars to leave the side streets to get onto Oakwood.

And one of our own cameramen who drives Oakwood all the time says he sits stopped at several intersections for several minutes when there's no cross traffic. He says two of the worst intersections for that are at Washington Street and Meridian Street.

Huntsville traffic engineers will take another look at the lights to see if they need to adjust them.

In the meantime, let us know what you see there.

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