4 dead after Chattanooga shooting spree; Family angry over Arab cemetery conditions; 48 investigates music's effect on the Shoals economy

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One gunman, two shooting sprees - tonight, four U.S Marines are dead.

What prompted 24-year-old  Mohammod Youssef Abdulazeez  to shoot eight people, including a Chattanooga police officer?  And what do we know about the shooter? We are live from Chattanooga with the latest details in what officials are calling an act of domestic terrorism.

Also, things got heated tonight when angry families confronted an Arab cemetery manager over the conditions at their family members' final resting places. Families expressed their disgust over the conditions at Brookwood cemetery. But the manager didn't take their complaints lying down. We'll tell you if they were able to reach any common ground tonight at 10.

Can the resurgence of the music scene fix the ailing economy in The Shoals?  WAFF 48's Marie Waxel investigates tonight at 10.

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