TN Lottery's success leads to renewed talk among AL lawmakers

TN Lottery's success leads to renewed talk among AL lawmakers

(WAFF) - The Tennessee Lottery sold more than $1.1-billion in lottery tickets over the last year, setting a new record.

Alabama is one of the six states that doesn't have a lottery. State Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh wants to change that.

He introduced his 20 page lottery bill Monday, when the special session of the legislation started.

Marsh says the state needs to have the conversation about gambling even thought he's not looking at the lottery bill as a solution to next year's budget shortfall.

Marsh is likely seeing the records fall with Tennessee's lottery, which set a record for sales for the 11th consecutive year.

Sales rose nearly $59-million from July 2014 until the end of last month. Lottery officials say this year's sales resulted in a contribution of more than $347-million for lottery funded education programs in Tennessee. That's also a new record for the Volunteer State.

Under Marsh's bill, proceeds after expenses and prizes would go into the education trust fund budget with a minimum of $50-million going for a scholarship program.

If Marsh's bill gets passed in the special session, it would then go to a vote of the people to change the state constitutional ban on lotteries.

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