See, Click, Fix: Mosquito spraying in Madison Co.

See, Click, Fix: Mosquito spraying in Madison Co.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Mosquitoes seem like they're out in force these days. When and how do we get rid of them?

That's the gist of one person's post on See, Click, Fix. He said McClain Lane and the area surrounding it in Huntsville needs to be sprayed. We hear about the fogging trucks and see them once in a while.

And if you live in Madison County, there's an easy way to tell when your area got sprayed last, and maybe when you're up again. Madison County Vector Control oversees the project, and it has this map to show you what your zone is.

I looked up WAFF 48's location. On the map, it's listed as Fog Route 42. We got sprayed last week, either July 7 or 8. Look up your home, click on the zone, and you'll get the same information. McClain Lane, by the way, was sprayed for mosquitoes on June 22.

Nearby, on Oakwood Avenue, there is a familiar request about help with the rough road.

One woman posted that the potholes, bad repairs and uneven lanes on Oakwood between the 565 overpass and Memorial Parkway are causing tire and front end damage on her church bus. She's like Oakwood to be repaved.

The City of Huntsville responded, saying Oakwood would be repaved after the sewer lines are cleared. They expected that in the next few weeks, though the resurfacing has begun. We'll keep you up to date on the progress.

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