Alabama ranks lowest in democratic process, study says

Alabama ranks lowest in democratic process, study says

(WAFF) - While lawmakers struggle to agree on a general fund budget, a new study reports Alabama's entire democratic process is the worst in the country.

The Center for American Progress Action Fund, a political think-tank based in Washington D.C., says Alabama falls short on almost every level of voting.

The group scored every state plus the District of Columbia, and Alabama ranked dead last.

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The group scored states based on a number of criteria ranging from online registration, voter ID laws, minority representation and voting wait time.

Alabama received failing grades for almost every category.

The study did applaud Alabama for its revolving-door ban, which prohibits representatives from serving as lobbyist for two years after leaving office.

The highest ranking state overall was Maine, and the highest ranking state from the South was Florida, coming in at number 11.

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