Teen tries to save neighbor from pit bull; Confederate flag removed from SC Capitol; Krispy Kreme line causes traffic jam

Good evening! WAFF News Anchor Kim Essex here. We have all the latest for you tonight at 10:

A 14  year old Huntsville teen jumped in and tried to save his 4-year-old neighbor from being attacked by a pit bull and the dog turned on him. Tonight, both are having to go through painful testing for rabies because his mom says the dog's owner is refusing to turn the dog over to authorities. Tiani Jones will speak with the young hero and his mom.
Tonight, for the first time in 54 years, the Confederate flag is not flying on the grounds at the South Carolina Capitol. It was removed this morning during a ceremony, but not before intense debate and demonstrations. We'll have a report tonight from South Carolina.
And you'd think they were giving away free tanks of gas the way the line has been snaked around Krispy Kreme Donuts all day. Why the promise of 78 cent donuts caused a day-long traffic jam, several fender benders and a whole lot a headaches for police tonight at 10.
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