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At 10: Vigil for a hero

A vigil tonight for a man many are calling a hero.Family, friends and former classmates of 20 year old Calindo Fletcher Jr gathered at Buckhorn High School to remember the man who lost his life trying to save a stranger from drowning. We’ll take you to the ceremony tonight.
Meanwhile,we get our first look at the man Fletcher was trying to save. Buddy Johnson drowned when his kayak tipped over. Tonight he is being remembered as a loving father and friend.  Also tonight, the message Johnson’s family is extending  to the Fletcher family.
The FBI wants to identify  potential victims in a child pornography investigation. A man targeted over 350 minors and officials fear some of them may be right here in this state. We’ll show you the man at the center of the investigation tonight at 10.
Join us tonight on WAFF 48 News at 10. We’ll see you then.

Kim Essex

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