See, Click, Fix: Bumps along the road in Decatur

See, Click, Fix: Bumps along the road in Decatur

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - There are some rough roads, and then there are some really rough roads. Take another look at that picture. That's Sandlin Road in Decatur between Austinville Road and Cardinal Drive. A viewer alerted us to this on See, Click, Fix

He described it as a teeth-rattling washboard surface. You can see what he means. Some of the cars bobble along, right over the bumps and dents.
But what most drivers do is slide to the left of them or just drive through on the turn lane, and that's the See, Click, Fix poster's concern.

Road crews have obviously patched some of the worst spots over time, but it's still very bumpy. I forwarded the message to the city to see what can be done.

And if you drive along Cecil Ashburn Drive in Huntsville, you may have noticed temporary orange barriers along the guardrail on the south side of the road.
Crews have removed the regular guardrail in several spots.

City engineers say a consultant is performing geotechnical investigations there right now. It's the first step in the Cecil Ashburn widening project, and this phase is on target with what they told me four months ago.

The plan is to add a lane in each direction, but the construction won't start until 2017. It's scheduled to finish in 2019.

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