'Photo finish' dashes runner's brief moment of glory

'Photo finish' dashes runner's brief moment of glory

ATLANTA, GA (WXIA/NBC) - Saturday's Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta was exciting and memorable - depending on who you asked.

For one runner, his brief moment of celebration was quickly put to a halt when he realized he hadn't actually won.

As the top two runners approached the finish line, Ben Payne looked back, then put a finger in the air in what appears to be a victory signal - he expected to come in first.

But, at the last second, Scott Overall passed him.

"I noticed out of the corner of my eye, he (Payne) had his arm up celebrating just before we got to the line," Overall said after the race. "We were told in the athlete meeting yesterday that for the first time, the mat was the official finish line, so that's what I was aiming for."

Overall, from Great Britain, finished in 29 minutes, 30 seconds. Payne finished just 9/100 of a second behind Overall.

It was a unique race all around; organizers stopped the race for a while due to lightning, and the award ceremony had to be canceled because of bad weather.

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