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Weather safety for a stormy Fourth of July

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Eyes are on the sky this Fourth of July weekend.

"You never can tell. You just do what you have to do, you go inside. I mean it rain last year. It rain the year before I think, too," said Richard James. 

With rain and storm chances up throughout the day Saturday, Richard James knows from experience the weather may not be picture perfect, yet he plans to celebrate Independence Day with friends in traditional fashion just like so many of you. 

"He's probably going to cook some chicken, probably some ribs, you know, baked beans, potato salad, and lots of different animals," James said.  

And you can expect fireworks to light up the sky, unless of course thunder roars and lightning is on display. In such case, have a plan "B" to move indoors, get ashore if you're boating because the water is the last place to be once lightning is upon you. Avoid open areas and tall objects during a thunderstorm.

Prepare ahead of time by knowing your surroundings to seek shelter during the first sign of active weather. 

Ultimately, have a safety plan no matter where you are celebrating the holiday weekend, because we know how rapid the weather goes from sunny to stormy during the summer months.

"Most of the time around here it's not a permanent thing. It's going to rain for maybe an hour, then it's going to clear back up. You just adjust make sure  you're not out there when the thunderstorms are going off," said James. 

James says he won't let the threat of showers and storms rain on his parade. 

One of the most important tools for severe weather safety is available on your phone by downloading the WAFF Weather App. Remember, you can download our weather app by texting "APPS" to 4-48-48. You can also search "WAFF 48" in your device's app store.

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