Fast theft attempt at a fast food restaurant

Fast theft attempt at a fast food restaurant

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - What do you do when you're caught trying to steal someone's items from their vehicle?

Apparently, you buy a quick meal. At least, that's what the thief in this week's report did.

At first glance of security footage from the Hardee's on Highway 72 West in Madison on April 15, nothing seems out of the ordinary - you just see a man placing an order.

But before stopping in for a bite, police say he stole a personal bag from a vehicle in the parking lot. He then dropped the bag after an employee at the restaurant spotted him.

However, minutes later - there he is, ordering up. Maybe he just wanted to give you the chance at a better look at him?

Police describe him as a Hispanic male wearing a black T-shirt and light-colored pants.

He wanted that order to go - quickly. With your help, this case could quite easily be in the bag.

Any idea who he is? He's wanted for unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle and theft of property. You could be in line for $1,000 in reward money - and you don't have to spend it on the value menu.

Call 256-53-CRIME with your tips. You can also email or text your tips, remaining anonymous all the while - click here to learn more.

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