See, Click, Fix: Arlington Road update

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Just days after posting an overgrown lot problem on See, Click, Fix, this is what neighbors saw on Arlington Road in Huntsville. City crews came out and not only cleaned the lot. They also used heavy equipment to demolish a dilapidated shed.

Neighbors say the lot's been empty for years, and the grass and weeds always get out of control. They've seen rats and snakes. The city says it's now a state-owned lot, but they'd clean it up.

Those neighbors I mentioned said they'll turn to See, Click, Fix again in the future if and when the lot gets out of control again.

We also checked out a red light/traffic problem in Huntsville. It's where Bob Wallace Avenue becomes Sparkman Drive as you head north at I-565.

One driver says he sees drivers from the west trying to run the yellow and red light at the intersection. When they do that, they nearly hit the cars going north when they get the green.

A week after he contacted me, he told me someone hit his truck at that intersection. Now, he's hoping Huntsville Police can do something about it.

We checked it out Monday afternoon and didn't see any close calls, but there also wasn't as much traffic as you would see during rush hour.

I contacted Huntsville Police. They say they're looking into it.

If you have a concern like this one in the Rocket City, Huntsville Police say to make sure you let them know about it.

Call their Special Operation Division.

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